Increace Focus And Mental Clarity With Cogniflex

Geniux is a natural brain enhancement supplement (nootropic) which can greatly promote healthy functioning of the brain. Nootropics are substances that target improvement of cognitive functions, memory and alertness. Increased alertness means appearing more intelligent and smarter. Geniux is beneficial to all manner of people including students, people in busy, demanding jobs or those with age related brain health problems.

How does Geniux Work? Ingredients and Benefits

cogniflex brain supplementThis nootropic supplement comes in a capsule form, taken orally once a day. Each capsule contains over twenty brain-boosting ingredients.This brain supplement works by enhancing the activity of neurotransmitters like choline and acetylcholine. These receptors control memory, mood and critical thinking among other brain functions. It contains a blend of several ingredients that affect memory in different ways. The brain must create memory in the right way to facilitate retrieval later-and Geniux assists this action. The brain needs energy to function properly and this brain supplement contains gingko biloba, vitamins B6 and B12 to boost the body’s blood circulation.

This brain supplement is uniquely made with a natural formula that wards off many brain ailments. For instance gingko biloba also improves eyesight, relieves ocular migraines and reduces tiredness and dizziness. Also contained in the supplement is siberian ginseng which provides the brain with an extra burst of energy. Like all top quality natural supplements, Geniux also contains bee pollen instead of artificial coatings and binders. Bee pollen has been proved to be beneficial against prostate cancer, lung disease, inflammation and neutralization of toxins in the body. Tyrosine is another ingredient-and it enhances mental performance and memory during stressful situations. It also boosts alertness after lack of sleep.

The effectiveness of Geniux supplement has been clinically proven. Studies have reported a remarkable increase in focus, brain processing speed, memory recalling capability, mental clarity, long-term memory and brain electric activity (alpha waves). Geniux brain supplement is also very beneficial in helping slow age-related mental decline. As people grow older mental functions deteriorate owing to reduced production of certain neurotransmitters in the body. Neurotransmitters are instrumental in transmission of data and information. Once their levels decrease, brain health is compromised and starts to deteriorate. The supplement is also useful for treating dementia disorders, which affect both young and old people. Geniux is also beneficial for treating other conditions such as essential tremors, which are linked to a damaged nervous system. The supplement is well-tolerated and is one of the safest in the market. However it is not recommended for those with pollen or bee allergies.

Taking The Geniux Brain Supplement

Geniux is best taken half an hour before breakfast to enable faster absorption by the body. Being a natural supplement, it can easily be degraded by heat, so it should be taken using water at room temperature.

The best of way of buying the supplement is through the manufacturer’s website or reputable online stores. The supplement is backed by a money-back guaranteed so dissatisfied users can get a full refund.

In conclusion, this supplement offers a natural and effective way of ensuring an alert and healthy brain. For an affordable cost of less than 50 U.S dollars, one can improve brain function and hence quality of life.

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ShadowHawk X800: Reviewing The Best Tactical Flashlights And The Technology Behind It

Tactical flashlights are mission pieces of equipment which are very critical for any operation. They are used by law enforcement, special agents, and military personnel for rescue and/ or attack missions to aid low light target identification. These lights also serve as a method of non-lethal force, used to disorient targets. Tactical lights may as well be used for preparing for unexpected emergencies such as domestic terrorism and natural disasters. The features peculiarly associated with best flashlight for tactical uses […]

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The truth about Planet Fitness

Across the nation, new Planet Fitness franchises are launching off due to their rise in popularity. Advertisements of a cheap monthly payment every month along with additional benefits to being part of the club is catching the eyes of many fitness gurus, who are signing themselves up to get in better shape as part of the new fitness age we are in.

However, there sure is quite the debate on whether these new facilities are an improvement to other gyms already established. As a nutrition student, I can see how there is such a debate. In my opinion, they do have some nice benefits as a gym but sure have their twerks… here are the reasons why.

As far as nutrition goes, here are the downfalls:

  1. Tootsie Rolls are available at the front desk. Now, I am pretty sure that candy and exercise are on the complete opposite realms of each other. I guess Planet Fitness’ idea of getting their members to keep coming back is by offering them free candy every time they come instead of through motivation of accomplishing their goals. For some I suppose, this is a nice bonus to have when you go to the gym every day, a free treat!
  2. Pizza Mondays. Every Monday boxes and boxes of pizza are emptied by Planet Fitness’ across the nation by their members because it’s free. Pre or post workout, excess amounts of sodium, fat and refined carbohydrates are not the way to boost your energy or restore nutrients. Although, for some members, if you do not have anything to boost your energy before or after a workout, I suppose this would suffice.
  3. Bagel Tuesdays. Who wouldn’t want a high carbohydrate, refined breakfast with fatty cream cheese every Tuesday before their workout? Members indulging on this free meal must be feeling pretty sluggish after their workout. This is at least is better than no breakfast at all for some of those early birds.
  4. No nutritional advice. Now that’s a bummer. Not even diet advice. No atkins. No paleo. Here we have this great, friendly, clean facility with plenty of cardio and weight machines but what about the nutritional side of things?

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The Raw Science of Using Forskolin Extract to Naturally Treat Asthma and Allergies

How does Forskolin work?

forskolin health effectsForskolin acts primarily by simply activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase that results in increased cyclic adenosine monophosphate, cAMP, in the cells. Cyclic adenosine monophosphate belongs to a class of substance which is known as the second messengers and is actually one of the most important cell-regulating compounds.

cAMP activates several other enzymes that are involved in diverse cellular functions. Neurotransmitters and hormones also activate adenylate cyclase even though forskolin seems to be able to activate adenylate cyclase by itself.

Therefore, this supplement can increase cyclic adenosine monophosphate without the assistance of neurotransmitters or hormones.

Benefits of forskolin

One benefit of this supplement is simply its ties to a healthy heart as well as lungs. It has been confirmed that the herb contributes to the dilation within the blood vessels of the heart. It also leads to the reduction of blood strain and aids in preventing blood clots from accumulating. In fact, improved blood flow normally stems from this in addition to an eminent management of the move of ions that all link again to maintain a healthy heart.

It also goes without mentioning that finding the right source and purity of forskolin matters in direct relation to its overall benefits. However, there is plenty of forskolin extract research that you can sift and sort through that will make sure you locate and find the right fit for you should you make a decision to try and use it.

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