The truth about Planet Fitness

Across the nation, new Planet Fitness franchises are launching off due to their rise in popularity. Advertisements of a cheap monthly payment every month along with additional benefits to being part of the club is catching the eyes of many fitness gurus, who are signing themselves up to get in better shape as part of the new fitness age we are in.

However, there sure is quite the debate on whether these new facilities are an improvement to other gyms already established. As a nutrition student, I can see how there is such a debate. In my opinion, they do have some nice benefits as a gym but sure have their twerks… here are the reasons why.

As far as nutrition goes, here are the downfalls:

  1. Tootsie Rolls are available at the front desk. Now, I am pretty sure that candy and exercise are on the complete opposite realms of each other. I guess Planet Fitness’ idea of getting their members to keep coming back is by offering them free candy every time they come instead of through motivation of accomplishing their goals. For some I suppose, this is a nice bonus to have when you go to the gym every day, a free treat!
  2. Pizza Mondays. Every Monday boxes and boxes of pizza are emptied by Planet Fitness’ across the nation by their members because it’s free. Pre or post workout, excess amounts of sodium, fat and refined carbohydrates are not the way to boost your energy or restore nutrients. Although, for some members, if you do not have anything to boost your energy before or after a workout, I suppose this would suffice.
  3. Bagel Tuesdays. Who wouldn’t want a high carbohydrate, refined breakfast with fatty cream cheese every Tuesday before their workout? Members indulging on this free meal must be feeling pretty sluggish after their workout. This is at least is better than no breakfast at all for some of those early birds.
  4. No nutritional advice. Now that’s a bummer. Not even diet advice. No atkins. No paleo. Here we have this great, friendly, clean facility with plenty of cardio and weight machines but what about the nutritional side of things? Not only is there candy hanging out everywhere, and refined carbohydrates offered on Mondays and Tuesdays, even the trainers themselves do not offer any advice to the members attending. That’s a poor judgment call. What is a gym without any nutritional support or advice… especially one with the exact opposite?

Now for fitness goals, here is what seems to go wrong.

  1. Light weights. Now this is great for many members who are just starting out and cannot lift hardly ten pounds, but what about those who are already very fit, such as athletes? I guess they might have to take their game plan elsewhere. The dumbbell and barbell sets only seem to go up to 65 pounds tops. This is a downer to those athletes who were hoping they could workout at the cheap, new facilities in town.
  2. Limited weight machines and exercise tools. Sure there are plenty of machines in these new gyms, but most are of them are the same machine, repeated throughout the gym. For those who like repetition, it is a great setup, but variety definitely is lacking compared to other gyms. One of the main keys to never hitting a plateau when working out is to keep changing things up and well, Planet Fitness’ members might have some trouble with this.
  3. Judgement free zone. Honestly, there really isn’t anything horrible about this, I mean, for the most part. Men and women both can join without the fear of being intimidated by other obnoxious body builders in the room, or feel judged by others who may be fitter than they are. However, is this a slap in the face to those who are very fit, and take their health seriously? Clearly no one should face judgement at the gym, since everyone there is present for the same reason but, those who are fit shouldn’t feel un-welcomed being there.

All in all, Planet Fitness does have some unique features to it. For some, they may be pleasant to have, like having a free quick snack before or after a workout but, this gym seems to be built more for beginners (at least make the snack weight-loss like Forskolin). Even so, the lack of nutritional support, and motivation for its members to really become healthy and maintain it, makes it seemingly hard. The temptations left and right almost seem as if it is a way to keep its members coming back by keeping them unhealthy and falling back into bad habits. Planet Fitness, I would consider changing some of your habits for the health and prosperity of your members and your gym.

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