ShadowHawk X800: Reviewing The Best Tactical Flashlights And The Technology Behind It

shadowhawk x800 reviewTactical flashlights are mission pieces of equipment which are very critical for any operation. They are used by law enforcement, special agents, and military personnel for rescue and/ or attack missions to aid low light target identification.

These lights also serve as a method of non-lethal force, used to disorient targets. Tactical lights may as well be used for preparing for unexpected emergencies such as domestic terrorism and natural disasters.

The features peculiarly associated with best flashlight for tactical uses include highlight intensity, shock resistance, reliability, powerful and lightweight batteries.

Tactical lights can be handheld or mounted to a weapon. Handheld lights are commonly used with handguns as rifles, machine guns, and shotguns require two hands to operate. A handgun is held in one hand and the light in the other.

Weapon mounted tactical lights offer hands-free use allowing the operator to use both hands to control the weapon. Most models have on/off button mounted on a wire which is then attached somewhere on the gun within the firer’s fingers easy reach.

The Shadow Hawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

The Shadow Hawk X800 LED flashlight is used by policemen, navy seals, firemen, survivors, the coast guards and ordinary people due to its host of amazing features. These brilliant features include:

– 5 fully loaded preset modes: It is equipped with five efficient modes coded SOS, strobe, low, medium and high functional lighting options.

– Aircraft-Grade Aluminum: The quality of this weatherproof X800 flashlight is comprised of superior strength, extra durable, ultra tough, compact and lightweight design fixtures.

– XPE 800 Lumen LED bulb: This is among the most powerful and brightest bulbs available on the market today. It offers six times the lighting of fluorescent bulbs. It comes with 800 lumens of lighting power along with a casing that is waterproof up to 6 feet for half an hour.

– 5 Telescopic Zoom Focusing technologies: Shadow hawk X800 comes with a zooming and flexibility settings that can go 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000X, and 2000X.

– Military Grade Self-defense: It has a crenelated strike bezel that is designed to enhance self-defense.

– 100000 Lamp Life Hours: Shadow hawk X800 come with 3 rechargeable AAA size batteries that can last for over 100000 hours without running out of power.

Why Should You Carry a Flashlight?

i. Illuminate Dark Areas
Illuminating dark areas with a flashlight increases your chance of safety by allowing you to perceive threats at a safe distance to be aware and alert to the environmental condition.

ii. Shining Light into Attackers Eyes
Directing high-intensity beam in the eyes of an attacker will immediately disorient them and allow you to get away while alerting the surrounding public.

iii. Can be Used alternatively as a Weapon
Flashlights have ridges on the bevel or a serrated edge. You can strike your attacker hardly on the neck with this edge and escape.

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